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Clementine Roy

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Clementine Roy og Gústav Geir Bollason vinna saman í Endemi.

Um verkin sín segir Clementine:

The subject of my oeuvre focuses on the natural world and humans’ place within it.
Through photography, video and installations, I question what constitutes a landscape. This inquiry leads to the mixing of nature and artificiality.
The forms discovered and the angles of view vary depending upon the projects: photography, video, public space intervention, or performance…
My work deals with the observation of cycles in life, impermanence, entropy.
Through incorporating elements from fiction into my work, I ask how stories, believes, mythologies and scientific convictions influence our behaviour. By travelling through space and time, I explore the present, the everyday life. By looking at a collective history, I ask about our heritage: a transmission of ideas that evolve.
Ultimately I would like to reveal our ability to dream.

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